Reset. Todd. Okay.


Berserker Armor gats figure from Berserk by Art of War, look how glorious this figure is!


you’re not a true gamer until you shove an entire ps4 up your ass





Remember when Horton Hears a Who first came out and everybody wanted to fuck the little emo Who


i am so happy i dont remember this

I am so sad I remember this




so, it’s commentary time. and i’ll keep this brief because i’m sure that other people will add to this as time goes on. CAN I JUST GET A WRETCHED SOUND AT THE WAY KORRA LOOKS? this is right after everyone is telling her that they’ll miss her. understandable that everyone wants korra to recuperate and get back on her feet and being at home is going to make that recovery process faster (or so everyone thinks). and this goes back to what everyone has said about the world being able to keep its balance without the avatar. korra’s face just makes me do the ugly crying face because it’s what’s happening. things are being kept in the balance while she’s gone. i know that no one means that she isn’t needed, but how the hell can she think about anything else? she’s gone through amon, unalaq, vaatu, and zaheer in a matter of months, right? and then everyone’s all BON VOYAGE, BABE! with sweet sentiments of course. and you see korra wave with a smile because she wants the last thing they see to be her smile and her looking somewhat happy at going home with her parents. but she’s leaving behind her second home - her friends, her role in republic city.

and i just want to punch myself in the face because it would hurt less than seeing korra this way.

p.s. i’m sure this leads to her swiping off that hair like HONOR.

Straight White Boy Problem #495




*texting girl for a good twenty min*  *no reply for five min*  *panics and checks her snapchat count and it’s rising*  *starts thinkin about how i really screwed up in that last text* now im not hungry for dinner

this isn’t just a straight boy thing

um yes it is



Destiny (2014)


me when sneaking into a government laboratory to steal top secret information.


me when sneaking into a government laboratory to steal top secret information.

when I’m 72 I can dance and move like that